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Take the role of Gabriel the pyromancer, and venture through a strange new land. Run, jump, climb, and burn your way through the kingdom. Traps, monsters, and crusaders will oppose you at every turn, so keep your guard up.

Faceless Flame offers classic platformer action set in a sometimes surreal, sometimes twisted kingdom. Remnants of greatness exist, but at this rate, they won't last long...

Demo Available

The demo for Faceless Flame features 8 stages and a boss.


W: Jump

A/D: Left and right

Left mouse button: Click and hold to charge your attack.

What will the full game offer?

The full game will offer five full areas, featuring 40 levels and another four bosses to take down. And who knows, maybe a secret or two to uncover?


Thanks for playing! Any and all comments + criticism is appreciated.


FacelessFlame_Demo.exe 12 MB

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